Green Juice

March 27, 2013


Just like that, spring is approaching!  Which means nice weather, and sunglasses, and putting away my puffer coat!  And can also mean (if your life is this fabulous) berry pies, outdoor cheese and wine outings, and ice creams!



So before it is fully underway, let’s take a moment to cleanse with this (delicious! and refreshing!) green juice.  It has so many fruits and vegetables that it, too, is a practically a spring harvest in a glass!  What better way to bring on the new season.


Green Juice (adapted from here)

You’ll need a juicer to make this.  Which I, actually, do not have.  This lovely glass of juice was courtesy of my mom’s fabulous kitchen.  But you can, as I have, blend all of these things (except the celery) in a heavy duty blender. There is just more prep work involved.  You will have to peel the apples, and dice them small, and cut the leaves off the kale stalks.  And you’ll have to juice the lemons into the blends first to give the leafy vegetables something to work with.  And at the end, you’ll have to strain the whole thing to catch anything that did not liquify completely.  But still completely yum!

5-10 Romaine lettuce leaves
10 celery stalks
1 English cumber
6-10 Kale leaves
4 Granny Smith apples
2 large handfulls of baby spinach
juice of 2 lemons

Juice everything in a juicer except for lemon.  Squeeze lemons into juice.  Stir and store in refrigerator to chill.  Stir before drinking.

Makes 4 very large, very healthy, salad-in-a-drink glasses.  Or 5 normal sized, normally healthy glasses.


5 Responses to “Green Juice”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’ve always wondered about how to make this. Thanks!

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  3. […] butter pecan ice cream, felt bad about both of those things, so then made a couple glasses of this green juice, which made me miss the sweetness again, so I remade these gloriously chocolately […]

  4. […] (including a great oatmeal bake that I will be posting soon!).  Then, I switch to smoothies (green ones, if I’m really feeling ambitious).  That, of course, doesn’t last long.  So then, I […]

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