About The Social Kitchen

Welcome to the Social Kitchen Blog!  I love food and I love to share, which makes a social kitchen my favorite place to be.  There used to be a time when people would sit around a table and tell stories, talk about food, and recipes and drink tea together, right?  That used to happen?  Well, I like to think of this space as my re-creation of that.  So let’s tell stories and talk about food!  You bring the tea, I’ll bring the recipes.


2 Responses to “About The Social Kitchen”

  1. rafi Says:

    employ ex cons! umm, problem solved. or actually i am working with these gay homeless kids. one told me he had “problems” with cash registers, but i think we can make it work.

  2. Dave Jonas Says:

    Hi, Pooja!

    I’m glad to read that the actual party was as awesome as your cupcakes! I thought (and think) that your cupcakes showed your strong taste esthetic– they were all interesting and well-balanced.
    As a (sometime) professional cook and chef, myself, I was pretty impressed with Cupcake-a-palooza: it seemed more like a professional / production operation than “just” a home endeavor. I had heard you were a good (and serious) baker, but I was pleasantly surprised even beyond my hopes!

    best wishes,
    Dave Jonas

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