Cake Pops

June 9, 2011

I know that cake pops are all the rage.  They’re all over food blogs, and now coffee shops and bakeries have shown them the love too.  I know they’re pretty and all, but I simply don’t get it.  I don’t understand the appeal.  Is it because it’s a two-bite treat?  Is it because it’s sweeter than a normal cake?  Is it because it’s on a stick?!

But the thing is, these are exactly the reasons why I don’t understand cake pops.  Wouldn’t you just want another cake pop after you eat one just because it’s so small?  Wouldn’t you think that it’s slightly excessive to dip a bite of cake, covered in frosting in melted chocolate and then eat it?  Isn’t using a fork easier??

This is what I figured out: it doesn’t matter!  People like cake pops because they’re just so cool!  It’s just a trend right now and just like in other trends (read: shorts with tights), you gotta just go with it – no explanation necessary.  Not surprisingly, I bit the bullet and made them.  In a big way, I might add.  With the help of my artistic sister, who possesses the patience and aesthetic eye that I will never have, I made a cake pop bouquet!

Oh man, the combinations you can do with this!  You can have any color of white chocolate coating on the rolled ball of cake!  You can try an endless number of cake flavors!  You can decorate the cake pop like animals or vegetables or even minerals!  The bouquet part has so many choices too!  And to top it all off, it just looks pretty.  I may not understand the pops, but I’ve become a believer.

Cake Pops

Like I said, there are about a bazillion different combinations you can use for cake pops.  I made half batches of a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and a pumpkin cake with a buttermilk icing.

The cakes were delicious before they were rolled into pops.  I’m not sure about after because I was just too busy staring at my bouquet.

My sister filled an empty vase with styrofoam blocks so that the pops would sit at different levels.  Then she filled it with colorful candy and then cut flower petals out of origami paper.  She then managed to put a hole right in the center of the flower so it sat right under the cake pop.  Impressive, I know.  I ate the leftover cake while watching her do all of this.

As for making these cakes into pops, refer to Bakerella, who happens to be the Queen of (cake) Pop(s).


2 Responses to “Cake Pops”

  1. pretty! Think I’ll try this for my niece’s birthday 🙂

  2. […] desserts were all the rage last year), I know the new ways people are approaching food (hello, cake pops!), and I know that the classics are always […]

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